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Firewood from split logs in Guildford

Environmentally friendly heating

Through our work as tree surgeons we get through a lot of wood. With everyone concerned about sustainable forests and fossil fuels, we use this timber as firewood for your home or business.

As fuel prices rise this saves you money, and helps the environment as a carbon neutral fuel source. 

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Fossil fuels or split logs?

You may ask why split logs are more eco-friendly than fossil fuels. Don't they both produce carbon dioxide when burnt?

Burning logs from our timber stores is much better for the environment. Trees take up CO 2 from the air, using it to make energy and grow. Once they are cut down and burnt, it is this same CO 2 that is released. As the gas that was absorbed by the tree is then put back into the atmosphere, this process is carbon neutral.

The problem with fossil fuels is that CO 2 has been taken from the air over millions of years. When burnt, this is then released in a few seconds - greatly increasing the amount of CO 2 in the world's atmosphere. 

Split logs

Using only seasoned hardwood, we split these logs ourselves, producing the best quality firewood. The timber is at our yard for one year before it is cut into logs - which we then delivery locally for free. 

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